So, what are you reading lately?

For you to be reading this means you love books. I thought I would branch out today to a topic that will get readers more engaged. So far I have told a few of my life stories, I have reviewed books I’ve read as honestly as possible, and given some background information concerning new films.

Now it’s time for you, the readers, to give something back. “And how?” I hear you asking. Well, by dwelling on one of our favourite topics. Quite simply: books. Yes! Books! BOOKS!

So, as a fantasy fiction author, you probably believe I read and enjoy fantasy only…right?


Actually, I started off enjoying books, at a wee age of ten—nish, which had animal themes in them. Anything with talking animals, horses, hunters in jungles and so on.

Then I moved on to Asimov, Herbert…and finally to fantasy.

But, through all this, I also enjoyed Shakespeare, Dickens, George Bernard Shaw, the Bronte sisters, Orwell, William Golding and so on. At times, I enjoyed these more than fantasy, though I have always returned to the genre. Oh, and I like historical fiction too: Gemmell’s Troy, Pressfield’s Gates of Fire, Cameron’s Tyrant, Manfredi’s Alexander…

But, today’s blog is not about me—only.

I want to learn what you, the readers enjoy. So, if you can spare a moment, write me a small list (or large, if you have the time and patience) so I can appreciate what you like to read and maybe I’ll be tempted to read it also…perhaps I’ll discover a gem in there.

Rest assured that I’ll feature your choices on my site. So, go ahead, feel free…I’m listening

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