Appearances have been placed in chronological order (latest first):

2017 Easter April 14th -17th, Eastercon, Birmingham

So excited about this one! Hope to see some of you there.



2016 September 23rd -25th, Fantasycon By The Sea, Scarborough



Fantastical Convention, one of the best in the UK where author Alex George had the opportunity to meet other fantasy authors like Scott Lynch, author of the Gentleman Bastard series of books: I could sit and listen to Scott speaking for hours; he has such a smooth deep American voice–awesome!

Frances Hardinge was inspirational, quirky in a unique, enjoyable way…her recent stand alone novel is “The Lie Tree.” I enjoyed listening to Frances and how she has created her world which is like no other: JK Rowling beware! You’ll enjoy her site also, it suits her character…and characters!

Oh, and I most certainly can’t leave out one of my faaaaaavourite historical fiction authors, and that could only be Christian Cameron with the Tyrant series of novels. I so enjoyed talking about Greece with him. We touched upon modern Greece, the Greek ethos, his trips to Lesvos, an island he adores, and then we delved deeper, going swiftly back to Roman times, when Greek teachers and scholars spread the Olympian religion and teachings of Plato, Aristotle, and Plutarch, to name a few. We also spoke at length about the Roman Emperors of Byzantium starting with the King of Kings, Constantine the Great who built Constantinople (the new Rome) on the ruins of Byzantium, then off to Justinian who built the imposing Agia Sophia, Leo III the Isaurian who defended the empire against the Umayyad Arab siege. Anna Komnene was a focal point: we spent a while talking about her and how she described in great detail her impressions derived from making contact for the first time with the western crusader knights. Anne was a scholar and a historian, daughter of Alexios I, the emperor who had sought out the Latin Kings to ask for their help in fighting the Seljuk Turks on his eastern borders.

Apart from authors, I also had the opportunity to meet literary agents, like Ian Drury with whom I entered into a very interesting discussion in one of his workshops describing the work of an agent, and what an agent is looking for in new writers. Meg Davis was at the event as well: I met her two years before at the London Author’s fair, so this was an opportunity for us to catch up on old times.

Meanwhile, one of the greatest things about this event, apart from the event itself, was, of course, the enchanting town of Scarborough, which is so beatifuly decorated with adorable old style buildings, and all these wonders right by the sea:


The staircase above belongs to the Royal Hotel, and the sign above the last picture is self explanatory.


2016 September 18th, Juliet Mushen’s Masterclass on “How to Find a Literary Agent”, The Guardian HQs, London King’s Cross


Pitching and synopses are two different beasts entirely, Juliet will tell you. She will also explain what should and shouldn’t be included in a submissions letter. Her masterclass was three hours long, but I hardly noticed as all the topics were so interesting.



2014 February 28th, London Author’s Fair, The Hospital Club, Covent Garden, London


This was open to authors of all genres. Piers Blofeld was there! He brought with him his usual bag of goodies with Do’s and Dont’s on agent submissions, on how it’s all about what you write, so don’t fret about the rest: just ensure your submissions letter is unpretentious and to the point. Piers will either be inspired by you, or he won’t. Met some authors there that left an impression, like Adelle Parks…she’s so sweet!