Fantasy gems

Fantasy gems spread across life’s canvas and we, like children following the Pied Piper, chase after those precious stones that glitter adding colour to our life of concrete, steel, and grey. As dusk approaches, we head into town, wolves going on the prowl,¬†step before the cinema theatre, like Hansel and Gretel staring at the screens, trying to choose which ‘sweets’ we will devour.


Might we watch Marvel characters, Captain America, IronMan? Or perhaps Gods of Egypt, Horus vs Set, or, better still, Percy Jackson and the Olympians? Whatever we choose, it is sure to be a fantasy gem: Zeus’s cool Sapphire lightning bolt, Ruby¬†Arwen’s lips in Lord of the Rings, Emerald Green for Sansa Stark’s dress, Topaz for Aslan, the Lion of Narnia in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Mind, these are no ordinary gems: unlike those found on earth, these fantastical fantasy gems can be experienced with all the senses, smell like lavender in Hobbit Town, taste like strawberries with honey in Alice’s Wonderland, pop in the mouth, bursting into crackling, fizzy, juicy delights like firework candy.



And for those of us who simply want to curl in bed, or on our favourite armchair, fantasy gems can appear in books too, oh yes! Fat ones, thin ones, tall or short, those words draw us into the wormhole of magic, characters stepping out on our mind’s canvas, enacting the scene, loving like Beauty and her Beast, hating as the Witch in the Mirror hates Snow White, making war to drive away the hordes of Mordor, sharing a joke as Captain Kirk with Bones, plotting the way the Warlock plots to snare Conan, Frodo Baggins tripping, Mogli running, Thor shouting, Smaug sniffing, John Snow gazing. And before you know it, you’ve left this world and travelled to another, one of wonder, one where the ‘players’ joust with swords, or throw a fire bolt, or ride on a dragon, sail on a ship, race with the wolf and bear.

Fantasy gems…Escape with them!